You’re busy, let us worry about saving for taxes.

SMRTSVR is the digital solution for the independent workforce to stay ahead of their taxes with little to no effort. It’s personal payroll for the 1099 worker.

Why Tax Savings

SMRTSVR is a personal tax savings solution for the independent worker.

The US has the highest tax compliance rate in the world. Almost everyone has the desire to pay what they owe. Yet, the problem isn’t that people are trying to dodge the government, it’s about the ability to save for taxes if you’re solely responsible for it. We’ve all set personal tax savings goals, but it’s more common than not for things to not go as planned.

Have you ever paid a tax balance with a credit card or borrowed from a relative?
No worries, we’re here to help you never do that again.

The SMRTSVR solution

Simply put, SMRTSVR wants you to be at zero… come Tax Day.

We want to give self-employed people the same experience as their corporate friends. Folks whose taxes are accurately managed by their employers tend to be a lot less stressed, so we’ve designed SMRTSVR to keep you on track without the need to stress about anything.

Get Connected

Connect your banking account and tax information safely and securely.

Savings Set Up

Save for taxes securely and on your own terms with your SMRTSVR savings account.

Stop Guessing

SMRTSVR tracks what you earn, save and pay to accurately estimate what you should save for taxes out of each paycheck.

Maintain Control

It’s your money and your accounts. Access your savings when and how you need it.

Direct Payments

Pay your quarterly taxes direct to the IRS by simply clicking a button.

Get Access

Interested in saving with SMRTSVR?
We’re busy wrapping up our beta release. If you’d like to gain access to our beta program, please submit your information below. Beta testers must have an iPhone 6 or above running at least version 11 of ios. 

A story more common than not…

The recent grad and the “Gig Economy”

The idea of SMRTSVR stemmed from the personal experience of our founding CEO, Rick Gonzalez whose son, Taylor had recently graduated from NYU and was entering the “Gig Economy”. As a newly self-employed worker, Taylor struggled with his taxes due to a couple of issues: He was getting paid a regular amount of money for being part of a company, but also while making additional income for special project work on the side.

The reality of the millennial generation workforce is nothing new to the many self-employed workers that spend a great deal of money and time preparing for and putting away tax savings.

“I couldn’t believe he was paid with PayPal… there was so much guesswork to what his taxes were going to be. When I told him about paying quarterly estimated taxes, he about hit the floor”.

– Vaultz CEO Rick Gonzalez (Taylor’s dad)

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